Will some persons still say Buhari is not biased with his appointments?
Well, Can A Leopard Change Its Spots? I suspected foul play in this appointment, and my inquest made me discovered that Ibrahim Idris, the new Police IG is third in a row of AIGs before his appointment as IG yesterday by President Muhammadu Buhari.

President Buhari and Idris

Insiders reveal that the presidency had carried out an integrity test and it was discovered that Ibrahim Idris, the new IG was said to be having few cash in his bank account, an amount not befitting a man of his calibre who once served as Commissioner of police in both Nassarawa and Kano state. He was assumed not to be corrupt like other contending AIGs & DIGs who had fat amount of monies in their bank accounts. Should the ability to save with limited responsibilities and been prudent in spendings be a crime? If i don’t have huge amount of money in my bank account, does that makes me less corrupt?  Maybe they should have told this story to gullible minds.

Further investigations reveal that Buhari neglected six DIGs who were far ahead of Ibrahim Idris in Police hierarchy,solely because Idris is a Northerner from Niger state.

If the president had followed due process and maintaining the police hierarchy in this appointment, he should have appointed either of;
DIG Sotonye Wakama(Rivers state), DIG in charge of Operations.
DIG Cynthia Amajor Onu(Abia state), DIG in charge of ICT.
DIG Jubril Olawale Adeniji(Ondo state), DIG in charge of Research & Planning. These are the 3 most senior DIGs of the 6 DIGs Buhari would have appointed as new Inspector General of Police & not AIG Idris simply because he hails from the north.
With all these lopsided appointment by president buhari, why wouldn’t the South East, South South people of these regions demand secession if they feel neglected and cheated?
Agreed the president has the power to even appoint a CP as an IG, but for a nation like ours seating on a keg of gunpowder were her unity is now in shambles and tribalism eaten deep into the fabrics of her people, wouldn’t it makes sense to do the needful so as to ease that tension?
There will never be Unity in a Nation that negate Equity


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