My Choice 3

After greeting father’s beloved son-in-law, I joined mama in the kitchen.She was already sweating and tears were taking a stroll on her face.
The smoke from the fire was too much, I offered to help but she declined my offer.
“You must be tired after coming back from the stream.” mama said.
I was tired but the truth was that I needed something to distract my mind, staying alone in my room will only make me think about my planned marriage to Chief and that was the last thing I wanted to think of.
I saw that mama wouldn’t let me help her in the kitchen so I decided to read one of my textbooks.That, at least will help and after all I would be sitting for an exam soon, so I went to my room picked up my literature text book and started reading.

“Ada get up from there and get ready to go to the market,” my mother told me.
“Why would mama send me to the market at night?” I asked no one in particular as I stretched lazily on my bed.
I checked the time to be sure only to realize it was morning already.

I did half of my house chores and hurriedly took my bath.The rest of the chores will be completed when I come back.I didn’t eat because I was already late.
Foodstuffs were cheaper in the early hours of the day.
When I got to the market, I went straight to my customer’s shed.

“Good morning,” I greeted.
“Good morning my daughter”,she replied.
I placed my orders and she got them for me, I paid her and left. On a normal day we would have ‘gisted’ a little but I wasn’t in the mood to gist.
So I thanked her and headed for home.

The Reverend sisters who taught us at the secret lesson visited my house after much persuasion from me. I had told them about the wedding and they promised to talk to papa.
I told them the time they would meet papa at home, when they came papa welcomed them and gave them ‘kola’ of which they politely refused.

The oldest of the three sisters was the first to speak, they told my father that they heard I was getting married and my father nodded in approval.
Then the second sister told father that I had already gotten the jamb form and I will be leaving for school if I pass.
“Jamb what?” my father asked, almost shouting and I knew he was already angry.
“Ada,Ada,come here,” my father commanded.
I was at a corner eavesdropping on their conversation so I already knew I was in ‘hot soup’.
As I ran out to answer him, I almost urinated on my body.



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