Story: My Choice 1 by Evelyn Oparah

“Adanma,I have something to tell you”,my father told me after eating his dinner of banga soup and starch;his favorite…
“okay,papa”,I replied wondering what papa wanted to tell me,because my father and I hardly talk..Our discussions was more or less like a question and answer session..
Mama has been my best friend,my mother and my friend even my gossip mate..
My dreams,aspirations and goal were all shared with my mother.Mama knew I loved education,she knew I wanted to become a pediatrician,she knew I attended tutorials secretly to enable me sit for JAMB .Mama knew a lot but she never told papa.
After eating my meal,i entered the kitchen to get a small bench for myself. Papa was already sitting outside on his favorite cane chair; a gift his mother;my grandmother has given to him when he got married to mama..
Papa always enjoyed staying outside at night,he would always say that the night air is like a soothing balm that heals aches of the body..
I never understood him sha,but I would only nod each time the comment is made..

             The night was beautiful,the moon shone directly to my compound,the stars twinkled happily,the trees slowly danced to the beats played by the night air..Even my hair couldn’t resist the mastery of the beats for it danced too.

I dropped my chair opposite my father and sat on it as I waited for him to speak.He cleared his throat ; which wasn’t a good sign so I braced myself for whatever thing he had to tell me..

  “Adanma,what I want to tell you now will either be a good news or a bad news depending how you would want to take it”,my father said.
I searched in his old but vibrant eyes to see if I could get a clue of what he wanted to say but I found none so I gave up and waited for the good or bad news..
“I have found a husband for you”,my father said , breaking the 20minutes silence.
At first I thought I heard wrongly until he repeated his former statement.
              “Husband?, I asked no one in particular,my mind just couldn’t digest what my ears has heard.
I looked at my father’s face and I knew his mind was made up already he was only telling me to fulfill all righteousness..

I tried to imagine myself as somebody’s wife at this tender age of mine,my God I was still young what was papa thinking???
I wasn’t up to twenty years and papa wanted to sell me,my dreams,my future to a man older than me with 25 years…

I will never succumb to this kind of marriage,so I decided to thread even where angels would never come close to.
“papa, I don’t want to get married now,i want to go to school first”,i said but hardly have I ended my statement when I received a very hot slap,one of its kind on my soft cheek..

My father’s eyes was blazing hot,and I quickly took to my heels before I would find myself on mama Uzo’s bed receiving treatments..

Like I predicted my husband was old looking but rich;the main reason I was been sold off to him.
My family wasn’t financially fit so I was the sacrificial lamb to save them.

you might be wondering why my mother didn’t say a word. You see here in my village the women don’t have a voice. Their husband’s words were laws never to be opposed .So mama just kept mute and in spite of myself I pitied her,i pitied all the women in my village..

My Choice 2 up next….

Evely oparah

About Writer
Evelyn Oparah popularly known as EveRhymes is someone blessed with so many talents ranging from a poet to a novelist, to a singer and much more. She originated from an organization called the “Aj House of Poetry” and has since tripled in creativity.
More of her works to be posted on Mypadies

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