My choice 4. By Evelyn Oparah

Before I got to where my father and the sisters were, my skirt was already soaked with urine.
I was a bit ashamed but not compared to how scared I was.

I didn’t go close to him to avoid receiving a resounding slap,I was yet to recover from the one I received the other day.
“Ada,” my father called me,
“Yes papa,” I replied.
“These sisters here told me,that you bought Jamb form,is that true?” He asked.
“Ye,ye,yes sir,” I stammered,expecting a slap from him but it never came.
He turned to the Reverend Sisters,thanked them for coming and assured them I will sit for the exam.
He also promised to cancel the wedding if I passed.

I  didn’t rejoice yet, I couldn’t trust father.It might just be a trick to make them stop coming to the house to disturb him.
The sisters left and I was left with papa.He looked at me silently for so long, and when he later spoke he suprised me.
“You are permitted to write your jamb or whatever it is you want to write,but remember if you fail then you will get married to Chief,” He said.
I was already beaming with smiles.I thanked father again and again.
My exam was only a month away even though I was already prepared I never stopped reading,father’s promise was the reason.

Days rolled into weeks and finally the day for my exams came.
It was on a wednesday morning,when I woke up,mother had already gone to the market.My siblings had gone to school,and my father wasn’t around.
Home alone,I thought to myself.I swept the house and the entire compound,re-heated my portion of the food and ate.Then I headed for the bathroom to shower,as I was having my bath, I didn’t notice when father walked in and out of the house.
After taking my bath,I dried my hair and smeared my body with cream.I brought out my clothes,hurriedly slid into it.I headed outside for I was running late but what I saw shocked me.

My father was outside holding a key and our door had been padlocked from outside.
“Come and write jamb let me see you,stupid girl,” Papa mocked.
My eyes became blur as tears started forming.
“Papa,” I cried,
“Please I want to go to school,I don’t want to get married now,” I pleaded but all my pleas fell on deaf ears.
Papa didn’t allow me go for my exams and I missed writing Jamb for that year.
If only I knew papa was lying when he made that promise.
That night I refuse eating my food,mama begged and consoled me but it didn’t help. I was very bitter and I swore never to give up.
I will go to school and I will graduate as a pediatrician,nothing will stop me.I swore before going to bed.

My choice


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