My choice 5. by Evelyn Oparah

It took me some days to finally accept my fate. I still couldn’t believe what papa did to me.
I swore never to trust anyone again,if my own father could deceive me then I shouldn’t expect less from outsiders.
I was the talk of the town,my story had somehow jumped through our fence or the walls really had ears.
Whichever it was I never cared, people must always have something to say without trying to know the facts.

After plan A failed, I began hatching a new plan;plan B. I begged father for forgiveness and told him I will get married. I even visited Chief, he was very happy and pleased to see me.
I brought out the food I prepared for him but he asked that we eat together.
I think he was scared that I had poisoned the food. I joined him in eating, after the food I cleared the table and packed my plates.

I told him that I have agreed to get married to him, but in return I will be needing a little favour from him.
“Anything for my Lolo,” he said smiling.
“I want to learn a trade before I get married to you,so at least I won’t ask you for money all the time,” I said.
” Like I said earlier , anything for you dear.” he smiled and touched my laps.
I hated his touch but making my dreams come true made me endure. He should enjoy while it last.
I told him to come home and tell papa himself and he assured me he will visit that night.

On my way home, I met one of the sisters who taught us at the secret lesson. She told me she heard what my father did to me and told me not to worry that all will be well. I thanked her and told her to greet the other sisters for me. Then I continued my journey home.

Mama was in the kitchen when I got home, she was already preparing dinner ;Bitter leaf soup and pounded yam. Their son-in-law was visiting.
“Mama good evening,” I greeted.
She replied my greeting with a nod of her head.
“Your father sent someone to tell me that your husband will be visiting us today , that’s why am preparing dinner early,” my mother said , unaware that I knew. I joined mama and soon dinner was ready.

I heard laughter outside and I knew papa and his son-in-law were around.
I came out to greet them,carried papa’s farm tools inside and also went to the kitchen to tell mama to serve their food.

Papa had ordered for Palm wine,so as they ate they washed it down with the wine.
Chief told my father that he wanted me to learn a trade before he got married to me and my father agreed,he didn’t have a choice anyways.

I was called to choose a trade and I told them I wanted to learn how to sew clothes. Chief agreed to pay and also promised to get me a sewing machine.

Everything was falling into place, I was enrolled in a famous fashion school in the village. I was a fast learner so it wasn’t long I started sewing mama’s clothes to test how good I was becoming. I sewed for my friends too and all the money I made were all kept in my safe under my bed.
Unknown to father I still attended my lesson,I was told Jamb form for that year would soon be on sale. I gave the money and the needed information to the sister in charge of my class. I begged her to buy the form and fill it for me. I couldn’t risk getting caught at home.

My hands were getting stronger and my designs better, but it never stopped me from reading my books. I always read at night when everybody was asleep to avoid unnecessary question and answer session..
‘cunny man die,cunny man bury am’, that was exactly what I was doing to my father,and I wasn’t remorseful..

My choice

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