Is it my Nigeria that has failed
us or our honourable leaders?
Nigeria is just a carved name
Not a hen that protect her chicks.
Look not at me with a watery eyes,
I speak of truth not lie, Nigeria has
Not in anyway failed us but you and
I has failed ourselves with greed.

I have nothing to offer you all now,
I have nothing to give but sweet tears
And bitter blood that irritate cup.
We have gone mad again and again!
We have gone out of hand again!
Not my Nigeria that has failed us,
Not my Mother that has gone mad!

Listen to me all runners of accusation fingers,
Not only in my anus that has a hole to dip,
The birth of death has not be proven here.
My mother is great but you are the chameleon;
Chameleon-ing colours into your shade!
Listen to me holy one of the city of illusion,
My Nigeria has not failed us but we failed

Infant the market envies my mother’s opulence,
She is not the cause of the church miscarrages!
Not my Nigeria that failed us as you think.
I have told them how the foreigners queue here
And there for my Mother to bless them.
Her tender fingers have long be blessed to
Guide those who look upto her in hope.

Not our Nigeria that has failed us roughly,
Not my Nigeria that has failed me and you!
We failed ourselves because Nigeria is a name,
Greed made our heart her home to ruin us all,
We are selfish and callous to our brothers,
Our blood were hotter than the fierce fire.

Gracefully mother stand among the great Nations,
Waxing stronger in every hole deeper than her,
Her coasts are blessed with a savored honey,
Her shores glamour and glow in appreciation.
Oh mother Nigeria can not fail us but we did!
Stop speaking of my Mother as an evil woman,
Stop, I said stop talking about my mother like that.

As a hungry man devour food on the table,
Nigeria has not eaten anyone like that, yes!
As the maggots feast on casket, my Mother
Has not tasted any casket of souls before.
Triplets she conceive always like the Hebrews,
Not my Nigeria that has failed us but you did.

Author : John Chizoba Vincent 
Voice Of Vincent 2016




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