Poem: Life Paradox by Takudzwa Denny

Consequentialism is the basis of a christain’s fate
Derisive as it appears the bible consistently mentions forgiveness
Will grace determine my destination or will my good works grant me heaven
Suffice to bring about a horrifying confusion
The paradox distort our views on the indoctrination and religion.

Cremate even these souls if possible
Our conscience always sleep , instinct might be dead
The basis of spirituality breeds behind choice
Are we really guerdoned the privilege ?

Do as I say not as I do, then how is good leader to be identified
Once it sounded that he had to lead by example
Do we invent philosophy to favour our actions
Cheat, fraud and deciet savour in our practices

I am just an unduly curious mofo
Inquisitive till enlighted
Lest these paradox still stands
The stand to reason for some.

Life Paradox

Fb : Takudzwa Denny Ziwenjere
IG : taku.zee
Twitter : takuzee1
Email :t.ziwenjere@gmail.com


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