Poem: Heroin for Inikpi by Pen-chant

Wailings summond courage
With sharp edge striking
Skirts and trousers as
disasters soon appeared
The lanky territory in Idah.

Through memories lingers
On the harvested plough
Of keen sight carved inside
Skull of vast remembrance
beggets dexterity in Inikpi’s life.

Heroin indeed she set
Five centuries ago
On the land of agile legs
Moving swiftly setting a pace
Of unforgettable acts.

The Achadu have been sighted
On the bank of river inachalo
Appeasing the gods to bring
Fortitude on the terrain
As it once appeared

Virgin though she was
beauty stock the garage in her junction
Bravery ruins through her bone marrow
Fearless thrust in the heart of her dictionary
Indeed liberty is soon
To restore by her agreedable sacrifice

Willingly Presented her angel like beauty
For the progress of Igala  land
Not to see disaster consumed
Her father’s reign
Oh!  Oma ufedo Attah
Your rights restored on us

Ilei is small to contain your fluffy body
Oj’ona calling repeatedly for you
Craved your indulgence to join your Ibegwu
Alas, you went but your appearance
Far not in the minds of Igala people

statues of yours found
In the mass land of idah
constructed for the knowledge
to those who might forget so soon..



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