Poem: Will i Fail?  By Oyeleye oluwatomisin eshton

Flip flap flip flap

Thats the sound from opening leaflets

Reading till the eyes starts to sweat

And the lamp starts to dim.

Inked stained hands

Sheets filled with jotted points

Colours to highlight sentences

Quoted phrases

Underlined theories

All a studying scheme.
Tip tap tip tap

That’s what you hear when;

Remembrance is playing foggy tricks,

Jotted points now no longer forthcoming,

The brain and the mind now seem to be in conflict

Anxiety sewing its thread in the nervous cloth

Answers not responding to question put forth

Oh! Yes! an exclamation of realization

Is a memory of replies

Jugged out of the void of tension

A smile across the face

Is just a phase in the craze

Of exam play.
In this hall of set time,

Where all we are left with is a seat and a table

Provided in the name of comfortability.

Also a pen to ink through processed wood

To tatoo down justified words

Which we assume is the answer.
Prayers are said,

Books are read,

Limits have been pushed,

The natural has been conflicted,

All in the aim of disappointing

A question that questions

The confidence of intelligence.
The fear of failure,

Is the begining of stagnation

You will only fail

If you plan not to pass.

Will you fail?

Will i fail?
Will i fail?

P. S- comments and criticism are welcome 


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