My Girlfriend And I Have Sex almost 20 Times Each Day, Is it Normal?- Man ask

You would think the sex would be rubbish since we’re having so much of it, but it’s the best I have ever had.

I am 23 and she is 21.

I drive a delivery van and had dropped off a couple of parcels where she works.

She is a very pretty girl so I was pleased when I bumped into her on a night out.

She was celebrating her friend’s 21st birthday.

There were lots of other women there but I caught her eye and she smiled at me, so I went over.

We chatted a lot of the night and were getting on really well.

Her mates left to go on to a club but she decided to stay with me.

When the pub closed I suggested she come back to my place and we ended up having amazing sex all night.

She’s moved in with me now.

We both tend to wake early in the morning and have sex maybe three or four times.

She then cooks breakfast and we sometimes have sex again.

I drop her off in town for work and then start my working day.

I always make time for her.

I can choose my hours so I am flexible.

I pick her up later in the afternoon and we go home and have sex as much as six times.

After that I cook dinner.

We are free for sex all evening.

It is perfect because it doesn’t interfere with anything.

I love her so much.

We both have crazily high sex drives but is it normal to be intimate that many times?

Could we do ourselves any harm?

Lovers making love

Lovers making love


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