​I STILL HAVE MY YAM by john Vincent 


I went to the market yesterday,
I saw people wandering away

Those buying and those stealing,

But the nagging market speak not.
Thank God I still have my yam,

I didn’t lost it in the hands of thieves.

The yam of this world is enough for all

But many wants to eat alone without others.
I was in the church on sunday,

Many came also with the Bible

While others came without Bible;

Others slept while the sermon was on.
Thank God I still have my yam of faith,

I didn’t lost it with the demon of sleep

Who sow sorrow not wheat in people’ lives,

The words was sow in my heart not on the rock.
I walked on the road with my dreams today,

I met many lost in thought of tomorrow

Some bagged their problems on their back

And others push theirs inside a wheel barrow.
I checked my heavy pocket and saw my yam;

I still have my yam of perseverance with me,

Then I waved and cried for those that lost theirs.

A little oil of courtesy will save lots of friction.
I checked in in a five star hotel days ago,

I dialogued with many that couldn’t find meaning

to life anymore, I discovered that many 

are burning bridges instead of building bridges.
I understand that the yam of this world

Is enough for all mouth to chew and live,

But many can not find their own yam.

Many tall, big, and cruel fingers has taken all.
I was admitted in the university last year,

I saw many students tall, short, fat and thin,

There I discovered many who didn’t know

Why they were in school or what to do in life.
When I checked I still have my yam of 

reasoning; my yam of creativity still loots 

my life. Uniqueness birth separately from those

There, I still have my yam of life to live.
      Voice Of Vincent 2016

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