​Poem: IT’S HER LINES AND LYRICS by Patrick Nome

To a Patient, the doctor

would have recommended lines of her poems.

She writes of broken hearts

like fine-broken flower vase.

Her pen is a lover undying

She would ink it with the blood of past memories

and scribble shattered relationships 

in love poems.

She said “My love visits in my art”

and steals tears from faces – Tears of love and loss.

The new lover is a guitar

of pretty poetic strings,

played on cold nights 

when her dead lover visits invisibly

upon her fragile heart.

She is now a night bird 

perching on night outs trees 

singing broken love songs with fake smiles

and deep cries.

She sits in lonely dirty streets

with a pen and a book

to write about her lost lover

in heart kerfuffle and muse in situ.
© Nome Patrick


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