Poem: Hope by macHenry

Hope, the light that takes away

All shadows in the dark

Like the top of a ladder 

For the bearer to bear
He was doomed to disappointments 

Fear, torture and misery enveloped his mind

No roof over his head

And mockers in their numbers

Parade as they danced and made merry.
Rigorous attacks in slum

The oceans are sucked dry to quench his flames 

Tears and grief he fed on
Unbearable mayhem engulfed human mind

As he thought the end is near

Pains for what he didn’t bargain

Lost to hopelessness and helplessness 
In spite of his troubles 

He never gave up

Day and day 

Night and night

In tattered wears of shame.
But the stream of the future he got

A better and brighter tomorrow

Soar higher and never retire 

Focus and keep burning the fire 

Pain is just a doorway to the ladder peak
Winners quit not in challenges 

Even in tattered webs of shame and agony

Focus, keeps the fires alight

Pain is just but the doorway to the ladder peak. 
Never give up

There is every palace

In the slums of penury

If only you look harder

And think above your eyes

For it is only so

You can crush the hindrance

Of light.



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