poem: who am i?

Do i look innocent????
Gentle but dangerous?????

Am i oblige to seldomly profess my faith???

Cause that you say seems to be my fate.

Am i beautiful,

Tranquil and modest???

am i leaving the life of a superior role model???
ofcourse I’m beautiful

blessed to garnish your person

sometimes calm echoing ironic notes.
i am faith.

but not all faithful

I am brilliant, tall and charming.

Sent as Healing to your bones

and soothing tunes to your soul.
I am but a precious jewel

with that summoning smile

striking pose

clothed with the best of African’s amazing skin

i am but a queen of my whole.

A goddess you’d say

A compliment of Heaven’s call

spare me the question questioning me,

For I am Faith.

Written by isaac Etor

For them beautiful Maidens

Comments and critics are welcome.

💫Have a great day💥


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