Nigeria's green grass
So great and succulent they are; the 
grasses here in the shores of Nigeria,

pure with an umbrella of sovereignity;

I have seen the green grasses of Nigeria.

I have seen the elephant grasses at home;

a peck of abundance they are built together,

I have sat with the Hibiscus down the street;

unity is their core value standing for men.

They are the drum war of the anarchist,

a culture preserver, gainer of hope drive;

trust of  doctors, imaginations of  poets,

Birds abode showering nomadic wish;

I have seen the dream grasses of Nigeria. 

I have seen the grasses of mother Nigeria,

with skills to change the Lead men in town,

they are pens man to redraw the earth’s beauty;

I know the grasses planted in Nigeria’s fields.

It chased the sun into a-hiding in the noon,

waving with hands singing of praises,

rain tapping on their palms to create peace;

I have seen the beautiful grasses of Nigeria.

I know the grasses of Nigeria surroundings,

I have the grasses of Nigeria gallantly created,

green tendrils-sprouting with a pretty rain drops,

making our nights a-chilling and young lovers

Cuddling freely with no shame in their eyes.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent

      Vincent Of Vincent 2016


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