Poem: Afamefuna by john Vincent 


Lend me your heart this night

Let me cuddle its soothing feelings

It uniqueness worth millions in the market

I want to make my soul your home of hope.


Let your smile tickles my woman to grace

A pack of my dimples will rise at your sight

I will channel the moon to brighten your life

At the embrace of your caressing light I bow.


The song of your song reminds me of Africa

When I see your footsteps on the breast of the 

soil, I will know its smoothness and perfection

Your uncommon attire is priceless among all.


Udenwa, the flutist made a mistake in counting

those gumless set of teeth that tells of tomorrow

Ugonma presumed your natural colourful skin

to be a broken whitish bleach body from the west.


The greatest of them all in the forest of warriors

I will declaim you among the maidens of Nkporo

Then my name, your name shall be forever mine

Carved supreme among the thousands of happy stars.


To live is you and to die is your grace

Your walks are my acquired inspiration

Many have see you in my uplifted eyes

Perfectly perfected like the sun risen in Roman.

(C) John Chizoba Vincent

     Voice Of Vincent 2016


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