About Lovers

About Lovers
About Lovers

 I like to think of them as trees

   Closely intertwined 

  Searching for the light
     About cheaters
Let’s talk about your sidechiçks

        Dust to ashes

Dust to your sidechicks!


     You remind me of my father

              A magician

He can be with two women at once

             Very good at it
In the tradition of men from my blood 

            You come home 

At 3am and lie to me

Where do you go when you go quiet?

Doors that lead to trapdoors

Stairway’s that lead to NOTHING!!!
About abortions

 Tills the blood in and out of uterus

  She wakes up smelling of zinc

   Her grief sedated by orgasm

       Her orgasm heightened by grief
About missing moons and scary nights
Dear moon!

We blame you for floods!

   For the flush of blood

        For men who are wolves 

           We blame you for the night

                 For the dark

                   For the ghost of unseen babies
About heart breaks and loss
So now what then are you going to say at my funeral?

   Now that you have killed me?

      Here lies the body of the love of my life

        Whose life I took without a gun to her head

          Here lies the body of the mother of my kids

              Both living and dead

Whom sleep evaded cause of me

                    Her shroud is loneliness



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