​Art Is Life by Fr33zinPaul

Art islife
Lie is art

Art is alive;

Her memories never depart.

Art is a sweet honey

that dwells not in hives

but in the hearts of men

sweetly cutting deep like a knife.

Art is life.

Art is life.

Art is peace;

She frowns at war

so we cast not stones

but images of legacy.

Sculptures speak of our culture,

Paintings give life a colour,

Textiles to lure men to self exile.

I am talking tie and dye.

Art is life.
Art is imagery.

Art is photography.

Her smile makes motions a motion for togetherness.

Beautiful frames to tame the ugly head of hatred.

Art is love.

The Universe is art

Art is the Universe.

Her essence can not be reversed.

 Art; the sandy bread of our ancestors to our next of kin

baked in kiln.

I hope you know what I mean?

Art is spoken word, poetry

saying no to injustice vocally.

Art is Dance

caressing your feet with a trance.

Please, take a stance.

Art is music;

So why dont you use it?.






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