I’m in love, i think❔ By Duke Luke

If I but shout
from the rooftops

the ramifications

of my pulse,

so little a decibel

would that tell

of the depth of this love.

Pure as the falls

of Victoria,

you mirror the 

innards of a righteousness

clad in Celestial


You bring ruin

to the apotheosized

myths of Greek pantheon

because none in 

all romantic 

glorifications ties

in light years

the cradle of your 

Poetry. Prose. Poise.

That’s the mien 

your gait saunters

on the boulevards

of my thoughts.

The days I voyaged

Niles and Niles

on arid waters

and arable deserts,

were all reimbursed

the moment a glance

I stole of your soothing

The style of

our bilabial romance*

velcros like the 

eternal confluence

of the Niger and the Benue.

Our waltz to the 

orchestra of music

classical and contemporaneous

like the mystical

dance of Eyo*

to the syncopations

of sacred percussions

awe humankind

and huwomankind.
Things about you

letters cannot

paint in a mural.

One of which is my love, I think.


  •  Sutana is a religious vestment worn by Celestial Church of Christ, a Christian sect.
  • Bilabial romance means kiss
  •  Eyo is an annual masquerade festival in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.

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