poem: Let by osigwe Benjamin

(If she always wants ‘Mr right’. How e take concern you. After all, am not tired of ‘righting’ myself for her)



Let the sky break. 

If it likes:

Into letters, 

Carving out your name.
Let the world stop to spin

If it truly wants, 

Leaving the pleasures of nature, 

Out of its stagnancy.

For on the beautiful lips of nature

Shall we kiss away our worries. 
Let Eagles stop to fly

If they want

But let the choristers of birds

Not leave their wings

Unattended to. 

With them, they would fly up high

Composing songs of the soul.
I will chant you words

From the womb of my heart

And baptize you with

The encyclopedia in my mouth.
Let, the sun fall too

If it wants.

After all, it’s a distraction.

It brightens the sweat in my head

And make you feel

I am too scared

To torch your lips with mine.
Let churches pray against

heart failures too

I want mine to not fail

When it’s time to say “Yes I Do”

Because not marrying you

Is the illusion

I don’t want to be lost in. 

Osigwe Benjamin OsiBen Di Poetick Maestro

Website/blog: http://www.poetrycourt.blogspot.com


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