I can’t say why me

Because if so I will also have to ask if who else if not me…

This is life and  its gonna pass me by

So why I busy make plans?

I am already planned

I always live in pain

I speak,breath & eat pain…

I can’t say why me

I grew without a father

I was raised by a single mother

Suffering,struggling for my batter tomorrow

My mother was a hustler

A strong angel of Anzania

Raised me to be who I am today

She worked in the kitchens

In order to put the bread on the table

This tiger called father was alive

He was a father Xmas to ada women childrens

But I grew

I am who I am today

Also wat I am #zizandla_zikamama

And this is how I thank her

Oh! How am so unfair

No she don’t deserve this thank

She tot I wil light uporn her life

But look at me now

Being inpregnanced by a tiger like my father

Is the way I grew,the way I wanted to raise my boy like?

Big No!

Does he deserve to come to this earth n suffer

Do I have to send him back before God call his name(abort)


As my mother didn’t do it to me 

I also can’t do it to him

He is ennoucent


I was a pretty young lady

So black so beautiful

Today I have to workhard for my unborn because

Tomorrow  I wil hav to be a strong mother like my mother did…

Is this life,a life I was  born to live?

Is suffering the chain of my life?


They say God have plans about me

Atlist my mam gave me education

I wil push till something happens

Because I love my son

Do I hav to sleep n wake up with tears?

No – I erase them right now before they get dry

That’s how life goes

I can’t say why me


Source: Facebook


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