​I am obsess – Moses Potlako Mole


Its funny how books and movies make everything to seem so simple
They show the perfection of love,

Best memories,

Happy endings,

Perfect relationship

And display of true love


I know that everything that has been told it does exist

But it only exist in my mind

Where I can create pictures of you and keep on smiling

Where I can just put my headsets and listen to a song that remind me of you
Am always looking at you when you are not looking

Getting deep in thoughts when you are looking at me

To you am nothing but a friend

You always talk about the feelings you have for other people

Days later you come running again with a broken heart,crying and telling me how you don’t wanna love again
As they say 

You won’t find perfection far away

Because where you are its where ur perfection is buried

Sometimes when I show you that am into you,

You just smile and call me a friend

Sometimes a brother

Even though my heart wanted more
I can’t sleep at night before looking at your picture

I can’t sleep at night without talking to my heart to relax

I am obsessed about you

I am not denying it
I do love you

But it pains me to know that am nothing to you but just a friend

Written by Moses Potlako Mole

Source: Facebook


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