To all ladies: Keeping a your Man

  1. Sex doesn’t keep a man, if you like, turn 360% on bed, he will still dump you. Bleach until you become white, if he doesn’t notice the qualities of a wife in you, he will leave you.
  2.  A man who win your love with cash may not stay forever. Real men doesn’t settle down with fake women who love money.
  3.  The beauty of a woman can take her to a Palace but her character will determine how long she stays in the palace. Beauty attracts men but character keep them.
  4. Material things definitely has its merits but it cannot alone provide the riches of a truly meaningful life.
  5. Being sexy without a character will not get you a husband, you will only get a boyfriend.
  6. Sex can bring pleasure but it can never bring love, sex is a product of love, love is not a product of sex.
  7. Sex can make a man stay with you over night but love will make him stay for a lifetime.
  8. There are some things that money just can’t buy like manners, moral and integrity.
  9. How you dress will definitely determine how men will address you.
  10. The nudes u post on social sites will only attract you men full of lust, after using u sexually they will move forward and settle with decent ladies.

Ask yourself, what are you worth?~

Are you an object?
Is this what God created you for??❓


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