I was this 👌 hungry yesterday evening. So I pulled out a bowl of oha soup from the freezer. It was stone blocked. I needed to put it on the cooker to thaw. But I didn’t want to eat all of the soup, meaning I had to get some of the soup out.-o-

But there was a problem. How do I get out the stone soup? I took a spoon and started chiselling away. For where?!? The soup no gree. I could only get so 👌 much soup out after nearly injuring myself and disfiguring the spoon. And owu/owi bin still dey tear man. At that moment…light bulb🌌.


There was a knife 🔪 staring at me. I picked it and used it to saw through the soup and in seconds I had extracted my soup deposits from the preserved vegetables. An endeavour I had spent 5 minutes doing using a spoon to no avail. Hmmm…and in that moment I leant something…


I had been using the wrong tool for the job. The spoon was not adapted for moving through solid soup. If it had been liquid soup it would have been smooth sailing. Meanwhile the knife was the perfect tool through but would’ve been useless if I had wanted to dish liquid soup.


At times in life the problem isn’t that we have a problem, but that we use the wrong tool to solve the problem. Once we get the right tools in our hands, we already solve half the problem. It saves us energy, is more efficient and effective. We risk injuring our lives, careers, businesses using the wrong tool to solve the problem, like I was nearly wounded with the spoon.


So in a relationship they’ve got a problem and instead of using the right tools of understanding, tolerance and forgiveness, they use the wrong tool of lies, distrust, cheating, violence etc. Same problem which is WRONG TOOL. When such a relationship or indeed any other venture fails it wouldn’t be so much about the problem that made it fail, but the wrong tool that failed to solve the problem.


So Pause, think again, do I wanna use a knife or a spoon?



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