Growing old together
Growing old together

Even with contours on ur face 
U don’t hesitate to give me that same old smile

That which like magnet attracted my north pole,

We stuck on each other
Evryday I wake up with my head pependicular to your grey hair that still flows down to your back as river jordan,

With your soft light skin shiny than before 

Indeed you were and stlill my best half
I would live for eternity holding your hand and having your head on my shoulder

Seeing our grand children jumpin up and down seems like watching butterflies in agarden and I still want to spend such days with you
You are together my luv,my bestfrend,my soulmate and my life 

And if I would choose a wish in this world is to be with you and for God to  call us together not allowing death to tear us part

we are growing old together my love

©his worship


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