My kelly girl

You and I are on a tandem
peddled by the eternal genius of the R in R n B.

Songs risqué

Songs salacious

Songs avant garde

ooze from your lips

and I can almost kiss them with the utmost pleasure of a leech.

These songs,

from a single glottis,

take me to the entrails of ecstasy

like Egyptian aphrodisiac.

Looking at you

I say –

she’s got the vibe.

When you spin like Jupiter,

none can do it unless

When a woman loves.

Your skin glows with the epicurean gastronomy

of Chocolate Factory.

The ignition you give me

makes me Rise Up

because now I believe

that I believe I can fly.

Whether you sing of Peace

or of a Backyard party,

you’re still the Same Girl.

I see Fireworks

because I’m lost in your love.

I’ve been around the world

but there is a haven in your beauty like Gotham City.

When I think about you,

I’m reassured that the storm is over.

Girl you saved me

when you told me the evils that exist

When a man lies.

If I turn back the hands of time

I’d hear you refrain.

I was a bad man

But you know your prayer changes things

and for this, I just wanna thank you.

POET’S NOTE: This is a dedication to a grocer I met who surprisingly sings R. Kelly. Her love for R. Kelly has left a great impression on me. 

©Olaniyi Olayemi Luke (DukeLuke)


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