​{My Selves} My first self….. By Agbator.I.Anthony

My first self
My first self

Even silence herself envies my silence,

I teleport from this world and go into another.

Enterring a whole clean world devoid of violence;

Freeing self from the shackles that binds.
One world presents the confussion,

The other reserves the solution.

Solving no equations but life’s myrades of problems,

It gets solved only where it is less needed.
My other self:

Lashed out like a threatened lion;

Blows were not of the hand;

But of words hard as iron.

Reaching out to bring peace in the land.
Mathematics suddenly becomes an illusion,

For not all minus plus minus produces a plus.

A boom for a boom produces a blasty reaction,

Then my only gain in the solution is a loss.
Advices tossed from a Loved one,

To help diffuse my many con.

‘Be calm’ was the sweet remedy;

Diplomacy then became mild comedy.
Sweet talks they were;

Animating this talks is tough burden to bear.

Yet toughness creates worthiness;

Slaying all the selves weakness.

-Agbator.I.Anthony {€mperical Ink}

©26th July, 2016


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