They Say…. By Soul’e Rhymez

They say
They say

Here are the words of them

 that knows me not,

Those that stay afar and listen to hearsays,

Those whose ears are unzip to flying gossips.
They say I am controversial,

because my words tear them apart,

and forfeit their peace.

They say I am heretic,

That my words are epileptic

and ungraciously contagious.
I only refuse to thread on the usual paths,

The paths that unite them as common people.

They don’t understand my words

and instead of them to ask questions, 

They controvert them, call them controversies

 And say I am controversial.
They say I am troublesome,

because I condemn people’s faults 

without sugarcoating them, 

I am a thorn on their fleshes, 

because I won’t praise their wrongs.
I am only being factual and sincere.

If such disposition makes me a troublesome person,

Let me be the most troublesome man on earth.
They say I am a womanizer,

 because I relate with women 

and get their attention which they so much crave.

They become jealous and consider me a threat. 

They wonder why my less handsome look attracts women.
There are many things they don’t understand, 

Not now will I make them understand, 

But if that means pun-o-graphy,

Then I will love to be a Pun-star.
They say I talk too much, 

because I say the words they should have said

and got the glory they should get.

They say I am obsessed with taking glory,

That such leads to gory.
I only exceed their thoughts 

and talk when I should talk,

If that makes me a talkative, 

Then God, give me more words to say.

I am bold, not too forward.

I also love taking the glory for what I do,

because such act is synonymous with God,

And I am a god.
They say I don’t know how to write,

That all I do is scribble, 

They say I don’t even know the laws of writing

And does not qualify to be called a writer.
I am not just a writer, I am the writer.

I don’t care about the rules.

The rules of men don’t hold God to ransom,

Thus, I make my own rules and live by them.
They say I am not a good poet,

And not qualified to be a SpokenWord artiste,

Because I only rhyme and read from the scrolls.

even in their minds, they still ask,

“is this a poem?”
I am not just a poet, I am the messenger,

I just lineate my messages and they look like poems.

Take my messages; they surpass the sages’,

Let the poets take the glory,

While I spread my message through the ages.

 They say I am rude and arrogant 

Because I say these words and many others.

They feel threatened and belittled,

Because they are of little minds and have lost their self-esteem,

They forget my uniqueness can’t belittle theirs.
I wish they know I am blessed, but they are too,

I wish they can also discover the

uniqueness in them and let’s heal 

the world together instead of envying. 

I wish they will clap for me now as 

I end this speech which I call poem.

As written by Soul’e Rhymez™


© 2016


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