You are the love of my life
You are the love of my life

You are my Queen.
Your bright skin,

Clears my eyesight screen..

You are the best I’ve ever seen.

To be with you,

I’m ready to live my life as a sin.

Because your smile is my heart’s pin.
You open my happiness.

You give me strength to live,

You are my fitness.

I truly love you

And my heart is the witness.

You are my nurse,

You heal my broken past,

My love for you shall ever last.
You are my pill.

When I look at you I heal.

To be with I’m ready to pay any bill.

You are the only one I feel.

In my blood through my vines,

You remove all the pains.

And in my heart you clean all the stains.
You are my internet model,

You have everything I want,

Just like Google.

My heart says,

I wish I can spend all the days

Of my life with you.

Until the blood in my body dries

And my soul dies.

You are the love of my life

I wish to be your husband

And die holding your soft hand.
I shall love you forever and ever,

And I promise to never

Let you go,

Until the sun turns cold,

the stars grow old.

The moon glows gold.
You are my diamond,

My sunlight

You keep my world bright.

You fill my heart with light.

You are my shining star at night.

In my whole life I shall only love you thrice,



And forever.

                     #Willy K.


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