​Forgetting Spoils The Broth

That sweet pill,

Famous for its legend to heal.

All they say is ‘Leave no trace’

Mind as clean to gain you a cleanliness ace.
Lo, this is a free gift of illusion,

Tales told around bonfires heats the dillusion.

A falsely fake facade,

Used merely as a soothing first-aid.
You only get to forget completely

When you drink from the river lethe.

Wiping you flaws and regrets totally,

In all loss of innocent evil would it bestow thee.
No one really forgets,

Caution for us does it begets.

I forget my evils and pains of yesterday,

I repeat them freshly today.
Memories are a painful blessing,

It keeps us ever on the edge.

Truth and virtue spurned from lies and vices would be our learning;

Making new mistakes today to learn from them in tomorrow’s dirge.

-Agbator.I.Anthony {€mperical Ink}

©28th July, 2016


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