Judases in Jesus’mask
those responsible

for the shatter of men’s 


when a titbit of their

dinner leftovers,

Can clear a million destitute

off the highway of alms

and preaching green flies.
The storm too heavy for a tiddler to bear,

He couldn’t foot the bill,

rather chased out to wallow in the street,

Death came calling a man 

In survivals, for medications

Got none, with no deposits

Rather, flies perching the wounds of these people 

Judases in Jesus’ mask

Those in secrets place of evil deeds

As sluts,smoking and drinking a journey they never regret.
See others as disgusted fools 

They feel better than them

No wonder they mimic others ends means 

’cause they got no shoes to wear.
Judases in Jesus’mask

Those who roam about the street, 

In search of quick miracles 

From false prophets of evil deeds

And they are less concerned

as they wine and dine with the devil’s lips.
Judases in Jesus’ mask

Those who go about embezzling our only stream of hope,

And for seeking the agony in the air, 

youth with no job,

Welfare and well-being none of their business 

His word resides in their hands

But not in their hearts.
Judases in Jesus’mask 

Those lovers of God 

They claim, 

but care less about His doctrines,

practice nor listen.

What point does it make? 

Tithes and offerings see as a source from everlasting doom
Judases in Jesus’ mask

Those who seek people’s downfall

Here and there with a craving eyes to kill.

Far and near you walk without watching

Tall and short you frustrated in the street.

Fat and thin you made to cry out in pain

Small and big you naked to their woes

For how long will you continue to feign?

Karma exists not for

the farce of its existence


your Maker exists

against the odds of fictions

borne out of science

And His eyes encompass

The global field in which

You are but a grain of mustard.



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