UN employment


A gate way to poverty

A guilty judgement of a case

Where one can not plead  innocence to the jury with a low qualification
But they say education is a key to success

But wonder why the locks are far

And I wonder why the frames on the door to success can’t  hold the keys
UN employment

A song of the youths

Years wasted in the universities

Papers earned without a guarantee of work
So why should we do

Killing the albinos?

And get employed by SIN

Is our papers qualified for criminal acts
Graduates are now

Illiterate of living

As their Untreated knowledge

drinks up choices that conscious is abused and emptied
Un employment a deep root

To all abnorminations happening but it’s not too late to grow from childhood

Crawl and start walking in maturity
Let’s learn to be entrepreneurs and give each others opportunities to strive for better living and have job’s from the same ideal of ours
We cannot change unless we change ourselves



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