​1st LETTER …..Dear Esther,

When I first laid eyes on you
I thought to thyself…

Who is this little charming girl

Dressed in a dark blue jean

And a white linen wooled thin?

I just knew then, I must talk to you…

So sudden, you let me see you

You let me kiss you

You let me feel your warmth

Then you led me at your door step

Into your house

Into your room

Onto your bed

Everything went presto, I couldn’t conceive it

My desire grew so strong like the shield of Ananias

But astonishingly I stopped talking

And you never bothered to ask why

Our Magic halted, we both left…

Now, what remains

Is this birthday card in my hand written by you

Sweet words that end in ‘I love you’

What remains are these blue socks

That warm my feet…

And nothing more

Nothing more.


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