​Life Means to Strive

Don’t Look Down To Yourself.

Everything happens for a reason.

Every happiness has a season.

Don’t even think of drinking pills of poison,

That pain will come to an end.

And make you realise where you stand.

Life means to strive;Understand.
Our emotions are being tested every now and then.

We lose those we love everyday.

Its not about who is right or wrong,

But its about staying strong.

Understanding the reality of life,

Its not about grieving upon death.

But its about appreciating the chance. Chance that God gave us to spend some time with them,play and dance.
A broken past,

Is the stitches of your future.

The bigger the wound,

The brighter the future.
In the life we live,

Sometimes its hard to believe

And accept some situation.

But its the only way to move on.
Look in the mirror,

You are a hero.

You are better then you think.

Your heart is strong 

And ready for anything

That’s the reason Why you still alive.
Forget what people say about you,

No man can ever recreate someone like you,

‘Cause you are unique

Absolutely different.

You are important.

And your family knows that.
You can make any change in your life

‘Cause everyday when you wake up your life turns to a brand new page.

Its up to you to be who you wanna be.

And nOne but…….

Only God can degrade you,
And don’t forget,

Life Means to Strive.

                        #Willy K.


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