There was a time

​There was a time,

Love was born.

When it was the perfect crime,

When the bail was a heart for a heart.
Love was an alien speech;

A martian on earth I was,

Listening to this strange-sweet melody,

Creating a whole tide of new wars.
Then was I taught the game of love:

First was I a student in love’s class,

Taught that love had two sides – below and above.

And I learnt like a zestful lass.
There Was A Time,

When I fed and drank of love’s table;

When hate tasted as a pitiful lime;

And i spat out hate’s intoxicating fable.
Then we parted ways,

I buried Love in muddy clay.

As I searched for that which i’d thrown away,

Relentlessly, days upon unending days.
They are all adultrated!

Masks of purity they dorn;

Promising Paradise in hell

O, such is their con!
At this time I make a resolve,

One which once was made in delight.

I would unearth that ancient love;

That only what i’d see is light.

Agbator.I.Anthony {€mperical Ink}

©13th August, 2016

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