The light burned off

Alas! Its gone

Do not fear.

The evil lurketh behind the door

But never worry

U locked beneath the door 

Where only ur eyes

Searches what ur heart

Seems to fear.
Become a gentle Angel

Within the Devil grasp 

Dont panic

A little light shines

Through  the door knob

All will be well

If only u bow to the darkened sceptre
Ur woes have come upon u

For u only understand it length

U are guilty of the breadth

Even u cant confess

That u know within urself

Now u darkened 

Darkened by the Devils white Blood

Which took u off at first with random lies

And sophisticated truth

Which held ur nose

And made u breath through the ear 

And left u with a mouth and no tongue

U cant see

U are blind

Ur soul is farmished

Ur body is rusted

Oh! What a transfixed Holiness?
Begin to count ur one to hundred 

Understand ur apparition

Tomorrow is late

Today is never!
Today u darkened as always

Ur heart leap in fear of what might sting u

But what if the light comes sudden

Will u understand ,nothing stings

When u ready to battle with ur face unveiled?




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