Insight that heals


I heard this years back and since then I upgraded the way I worship the greatest and mightiest King of all Kings. The Preacher said – “When you pray God send his angels down to attend to you, but when you worship, God himself comes down in the fullness of his power, anointing, grace, mercy to inhabit your praise”. In this case even before you ask from him, you are already given your needs and granted desires, why? Simply because, he come to inhabit the praise and worship of his Children in his full mightiness and power, he then distribute the solution to the problems of each and everyone. And this is the simple logic I want us to learn this morning.
The key to open doors of many is worship, there are uncountable things to bless the name of the Lord for. An adage says, if one can deeply think, he or she will know how well to thank his or her God. That is the food he eats, that his the Cloth he wears, that is his everything, in fact it is his abode. If you enter his gate with Thanksgiving and you approach his court with praise, your life will never remain the same, it is a certain encounter of improvement. Entering his court with praise will surely make you encounter mercy, and he will arise to fight for you. 
In spite of David’s sins, falls and iniquities, he still lived to be a man after God’s own heart, All because he knows how well to praise God, he knows how well to worship his God, adore him and Glorify him. Even after committing one sin or the other, he knows miles to thread for God to be appeased.
Prayer is good, but give worship a try. You will thank me later. 
“`Populating the Kingdom Of Heaven and Depopulating the Kingdom of hell“`
He that hath ears, let him hear

Abidoye Oluwashinaayomi
Samuel.  🎗  SamWealth.


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