TRUST ISSUES by oyeleye oluwatomisin eshton

Trust issues

I claim to love

But I end u up with crystals;

Pure broken hurtful tumor

For a thank you.

Falls of them flow

Non stop from their spring

Yet I still say I love you
How truthful is my emotions

I never lied to you

And when I do lie

Its just to make you happy

Like a kid without Christmas gift

But father still promises Santa is coming

My lies where honest

And still u find me imperfectly worthy
I am not like every guy

But not so much difference

I won’t die but eventually die

But I still will take the bullets

In your place

Am not making empty promises

For your incorruptible love

Already emptied my case

So now am judged but still guilty
Angelic voice; I got none

Am not the type to soothe with words

But yours made my thoughts think this

I love you deeply

But shallow is my well of trust
I don’t want your hate

But I feel its getting to late

Clouds of, “its over”

Is gathering up quicker

But i pray for sunshine

I cry because a lot,

already have their buckets in anticipation

But I swear I don’t want to hurt you

#oyeleye oluwatomisin eshton

#Tommiiwhiz Milz

#hilltop writers network

#hilltop global impact


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