Women lie, Men lie

Women lie, Men lie
Who lie the most, 

A rhetoric question indeed.

Borrow me your ears, il be a speaker, 

Il overload your ears with my experience,

Please don’t judge,

But listen! 
He acted barbaric,

While he was not aware that life go’s on, 

He thought I’m a newborn maybe, 

He lies we’re tasteless, lemon is sweet, 

That was idiotic maybe he don’t pray properly,why he’s the only one who’s getting a voice,shame on him think he must go visit grannies grave and ask for blessings,

Poor boy, 

Or maybe akahlabeli amadlozi they say, 

U too late to apologise,

I deleted your name, 

Your numbers, 

Your photo’s, 

Our photo’s, 

Our memories, 

Damn I’m not your toy, 

I’m not made in China, 

Look here I can’t Vomit and eat that again, 

Go well go shell,

Im done, 

Keep your love, 

Keep your lies, 

Keep your hug, 

Keep your kisses,

Keep your everything, 

Thank you, 

Thank you EX for experience, 

Thank you EX for example.


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