Forget me not (poem) by Takudzwa Denny Ziwenjere

Forget me not
Forget me not

Forget me not
Please don’t judge upon a single mistake 

You’ve made yours and I pardoned them

But since you’ve made your decision 

I guess an explanation is a futile

But hun,  please forget me not
Strip my cause naked to carefully examine my intentions 

Dissect promises and scrupulously check their sincerity 

Evaluate and analyze my fidelity and honesty

Make the product a basis of your decision 

Whatever  conclusion you make hun

Please,  I beg you,  forget me not
I recall the breeze of the wind in your whispers

Your touch,  the one way to Tomorrowland 

That voice which gave an irresistible order

A refreshing smile,  a source of hope 

Hun I hold on to those memories 

So that I won’t forget you
I once heard and took heed of the saying 

To err is human and to forgive is divine

Isn’t that a logical one hun,  huh? 

I don’t know  too, but hey 

Forget me not
Just so maybe you think otherwise 

I still hang on to the break-up text

That precise and brutalising phrase

I am only saying maybe Hun 

Otherwise if the decision still stands to reason

I ask for one last favour 

Please hun,  forget me not

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