Men On Black

Men on black
Men on black

The morning was white and bright,

Smiles were the only things on sight.

It all seemed like a wonderland,

While evil planned its scheme on the other hand.
Happiness called me sweet names

As i did my joyful labour.

So this day, fulfilled are my aims;

And peace had become my neighbour.
Then these creatures turned light, dark;

And they dorn uniform of utter black.

Their guns were bandished from this end to that end;

Yet their motto told us that they were our friend.
Yes! They are friendly enemies,

Ones who would smile at your face and hold a dagger in your heart.

They were to be domestic armies,

But have fully taken bullying as a full-time art.
Reapers of smile;

Mothers with breast milk of lime;

Killers of hope and goodness

Being wolves in sheep’s wool is their business.
So, they have extorted a man’s daily bread;

They have made a trade by barter:

Fear and sadness is their only offer for the bread.

A meal that he would in turn serve his fellow man.
Fortunes earned with dusty courage,

Swinging into needless rage.

Men on black, men on black;

When would you the poor with their money sack?


-Agbator.I.Anthony {€mperical Ink}

©24th August, 2016


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