​Last second

Last second
Last second

I have numbered the chances

In different colors,

Prideful, all I see is red

Linings  dripping down my frail body
I can feel the few ribs that remain

My other half cut, can’t sustain

A miracle is what I hoped for

Abrasive beings is what I doped for
Once, hundreds of strong men ride

last, the enemy outwears his love wide

At the sight of thousands of voices echoing in the Colosseum

At the sight of him who watches at the podium
I wish my sword tasted his blood

As my chains dropped on the cows cud

Through his throat, to feel same pain the scars carry

And the price of his head be sorry
 Am sad that I will die a slave

Though beaten with rods we were so brave

down to the last second, we fought tirelessly

Screaming out a thousand lashes madly!!

By  Garnet Howse.


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