They told me that I will live to the age of 21 and have my own house.

That this body I carry is only a rent property of the government. 

Work harder everyday and make work the Reason you have life.

They kept talking to me; even when I was talking.

It was shocking.

But the government also agreed to this tyranny and held me captive. 

I am; and has been; held captive in my own body of humanity.

Struck by the sense of humanity; forced to live normal when I am driven by sanity. 
Filthy, old, dirty and money thirsty human being who only knows being heathen to the drop of a dew in the morning.

Filthy, old liar who cannot believe in God but chooses to believer in his writing. 

I am filthy and too analytical like a bull dozer. 

I cut edges and cross bridges like a knife cutting through edges. 

Don’t break my arm; I won’t feel nothing. 

I stab my heart and eat my body tissues. 

That’s all I have left.


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