Corruption – The Gold Of Our Country

Corruption the gold of our country

Our country is now richer,
Our gold is numerous and larger.

Gold dug from the mines of corruption;

So rich we are, that our economy needs a solution.
I tilt my head in agony,

Like Jesus in the garden of agony.

Our cries flow into one river of gloom;

We cry for the con of the humans of doom.
My pains are too much to cry out,

Yet this tale i tell about.

I’m not going to wear my mask of smile anymore,

Pass me the tissue and let me blow my nose some more.
I’m beyond tame;

My wildness is but with a godly aim.
We no longer desire your expensive gold.

It was in the days of old

When we locked our bird of pain

In the cage of hope so vain.
They have acquired the Midas touch,

And our gold grows so much.
Touched is the food of the poor;

Increasing a wound that’s already sore.

Food has become a commodity for the rich;

Only water can the poor reach.
Corruption – The Gold Of My Country.

You golden fruit found on our leaders’ golden tree.

We tire of these vaults of gold;

O bring our cheap food back to the fold.
-Agbator.I.Anthony {€mperical Ink}

©3rd September, 2016


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