Loving is a Felony

Love felony
Loving is a felony

How can we ignore pain

When it shapes us?

Making us shiver like we’re drenched in rain.

For life, making us strong like the horse.
Like the farm ox would we pull our burdens,

Placing the right foot before the left.

Heavy steps that sorrow lardens;

Between you and I is created a huge cleft.
Loving is a felony greater than all felonies,

I have dared to hope in this land of phonies.

Though it seemed so real and alive;

My heart is growing dead with no life.
This felony would i continue to feed on;

Though it tastes like i eat a dish of blades.

Though it seems so devoid of fun,

I’d eat till sweetness comes and pain fades.
Of my tolerance limit i know little of;

My head aches as love makes me cough.

I sit for aeons on this love seat of ours,

Hoping that you’d accept at my tolerance’s last hours.

-Agbator.I.Anthony {€mperical Ink}


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