When Words Die

Confussion would be the status quo;

Foe would remain foe.

Diplomacy would fizzle out;

Gone would be the relieve gained from shout.

When Words Die.
Singing would become legend;

Stories would come to their end.

The heart would die of obesity;

Dead words would be the cause of this abnormality.

When Words Die.
The world would cease to be,

For the Word made the world be.

Humans would die of silence;

For silence too would have no word to give it essence.

When Words Die.
The mouth would morn its loss,

As into the grave it’s child it toss.

The tongue would lose its worth as guidian;

There would be no hero for this anti-word villain.

When Words Die.
When words go dry;

I would surely cry.

A million books would I buy;

To resurrect words would I try.

When Words Die;

Where would world be without words?

-Agbator.I.Anthony {€mperical Ink}


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