I ripped her soul apart, ripped her virginity as she said we should part.

How unsmart.

Indeed I am outsmarted. 
I never meant to do such. 

A question I ask myself is that was the pressure too much. 

As I was horny even at school. 

How uncool.

I blame thyself to never stood. 
It’s a regret of a lifetime. 

Penetrated with what’s not mine. 

What a disappointment.
This is a story, of how I got to be Mr terrible. 

Escaping with a thing so precious made me tremble.
I loved and loved not. 

I lost my dignity, reputation, quality, quantity. 

Im no longer called smarty.
I broke her soul.

And now, a miserable life is wat she lives. 

Feeling stabbed with many knives. 
Disobeyed by thee she considered to be truely thee.

It was me.

The pain, condition she is in, is so serverr.

Coma is her only way to survival. 
Let thy pen bleed one drop of a tear.

She’s bounded by fear. 

Covered with sore. 

She says love no more. 
 Im the reason for forceful Rhapsosy. 

Why remedy? 

Why me?
Instead of loving I made her crying. 

Sodomized in grounds that makes her weak.

She trusted.

Yet to loose her breathing trust. 

And now suffocating in a dead. 
The saddest thing is that I was her boyfriend. 

Her soulmate,even her roots. 

I ripped her virginity apart. 

And now we are no longer a part.
This is great suffering. 

These are torments. 

Govisto the poet.


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