THE CHANGE MANTRAA dramatic poetry of a stolen Amala.(A true life story of the Change Era.)

                   Scene 1

                 In the kitchen
(Iya Aduke punctures the pregnancy, of

her Amala, protruded by the fiery furnace

birthed by her gas cooker which sits with

an utmost confidence on her large cupboard;

By the window side of the tenants’ kitchen;

catering a festively lunch for her family.)

Aduke! Aduke!! Yinka! Akorede!! Haaaa!!

Aduke of the squirrel’s ears! Of teared ear drum!

Has these lads go storm the street for playing?

When it was a bit insidious minute they came.
If their stomach go drought, they’d return.

Can’t they for once be sheepish to their breast?

Now I care for plates to house the feasts,

And they’re uselessly busy on the street.
((Quickly asperses Amala floor in the pot

and baptises it with water and the pot lid.

Swiftly crawls into her nearby room for plates))

                    Scene 2

                  At the balcony
(Returns with 6 plates and a pot of soup,

Which tightly rests on her fists to not fall

But falls successfully on the cupboard, while

the plates stunt on same by a vibrating mother!)

Wonder alien to my eyes,

I see the cat’s skull on the trade tray.

Where has gone the Amala?

Oh blazing gas!

Who has stolen your prey?

Oh! The culprit stepped on the flour

and has left behind a road map.

On this, I shall travel over to get him.
((Iya Aduke tiptoeing on the footprint

like a crab crawling or the snail in sprint.

The print leads to the neighbouring house,

And the culprit has come by the window.

Iya Aduke lands before a door which is locked

And she looks around for continuous search.

The balcony she creep towards and there

She stumbled on the culprits of her meal.))

Haa! Haa!! Haa!!! Iyaaa Kinnniii!!!

And this I made on my kneels…

I… I… I d’nnhh…
((Her voice was seized and mouth unclosed;

Her breath almost gone, by the event unfold.

All her eyes could do was to release water,

For the scene has punctured it with hot metal.

The turning stick held for war joins the tears

As it falls helplessly on the floor and yells.))
((Iya Ajihun with her five children enclose

The Amala which keep breathing a wisp.

With great spaceless speed, they sends 

every morsels into their abdomens “as e dey hot”

with a handmade delicious soup which

sent shock waves to Iya Aduke and her turning stick.

The soup is actually a *”palm oil mixed with salt.”*

And this conditional *”offering for sacrifice”*

called food, wet Iya Aduke’s face to soakage.

Oh! Shall this then be called stealing or

the dogged sacrificial dare of motherhood?))

Oh kneeling of motherhood!

What a pitiable dismal abysmal!

The Amala which even I yelled upon,

I didn’t know it’s hotter elsewhere;

Not even in my neighborhood.
Let Ajihun follow me for a soup.

It’s even going to relief the pot today.

God has written it’s meant for you.

Feel no guilt! I more than fathom;

It’s the heat of the Change Mantra.

By: Ayeyemi Taofeek K.


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