​Rejected soul

My child is crying, 

I’m dying inside, 

I tried to be strong but I’m weak, 

No can I also tried but I just feel rejected, 

My heart bleds, 

My heart have wounds,

“Ill say Im OK when they ask”,

While I have hidden bruises on my face, 

I’m wearing a red lipstick of anger, 

My face is nothing but a mask, 

Just can’t handle this anymore,

I’m just a rejected soul! 
I cried out louder,

I shouted, 

I screamed, 

I prayed, 

But still this is a heavy burden, 

Just can’t offload the burden, 

Tried to escape through puppy relationships this doesn’t work I think I’m cursed this doesn’t work even tried dating another race just to console myself, 

I’m still angry with myself, 

A Mama Africa like me, 

Conscious being like me, 

Who always preach system this, system that I think was demon possessed but that was the only way to escape my pain, the anger that I have it was part of consolation but not temptations maybe to him it was an experiment, 


He wanted to puff and pass well your dream came true,

You polluted my melanin, 

You took my energy, 

And I donated them to you. 

Mama can you hear me crying I need you hold my hands this days your burden has turn to be another people’s burden, 

Mama why you gave birth to me? 

I curse the day I was born, 

Look at me now I’m a problem child, 

I’m alive but I’m dead inside my feelings are rotten, is a dirty scavenger, sometimes can’t skip a day without crying beacuse I’m just a rejected soul fatherless, motherless adopted child, you were just a carrier thank you for that I don’t blame my father because he died long time ago, I tried to escape through Art they told me doesnot pay, 

Is hard work but no gain, 

There’s no investment, 

But just a hobby , time wasting and cash flow

Just can’t saviour without it if it was not there I will be the past my memonto’s will be their remembrance, 

I give my all to poetry, 

When I die cover my funeral box with poetry devices, don’t be scared say it in my arbuitary that I’m a poet. 

Mama recently have developed inner anger  I’m changing don’t care about people’s feelings anymore I care for myself, 

I’m in pain, 

My heart is paining, 

My heart is freezing,

My heart has moving worms they are alive moving daily, 

Ngiyayiphetha indima I’m a rejected because my mother was a carrier not a care giver, I wonder how does motherly love taste like, 

I have a strong desire for it hands why I keep loving trying to taste love but can’t find one, 

Instead I curse myself more, 

Hurt myself more and more this is pilling now, 

Il explode soon. 

Rejected soul


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