​So many questions


Why so many questions, 

I’m not a library, 

They keep asking and I get pissed, 

“Why you have allergy, 

Why you have piles, 

Why you have arthritis, you still young for that”,

Im I God? 

Why so many questions, 

All this illness never bought them at shoprite, 

Never did pick and choose, 

Why don’t you ask the same shoprite that sponsor you daily where did I get it, 

Ask why gluten, 

Why tin stuff, 

Why injected chicken, 

The answer shall come out, 

Angithi the same trolley we push every month is the one we digging our own grave with,

Angithi we promote ne status, 

Watch me I’m living the legendary life, 

They won’t tell you they are in business, 

I’m a choosen one, 

This days I’m a vegetarian I want to graduate and be a vegan,

Can’t keep eating poisonous food, 




The tap water I was busy drinking while growing,

Damn I’m busy adding flouride in my body, 

Is this what system is all about? 

I’m in jail, 

My brothers and sisters please don’t ask me questions I also don’t have an answer but what I know is that I’m a choosen one.
If this is hard for you to digest ask granny if she still alive she will tell ngephapha lesintu elali ganwa not this fong Kong’s we eat and get fat like elephants, 

Associated with their uncle diabetes, Aunt high blood, Dad gout,mother heart attack the list is unlimited,

You just don’t pick it! 

But you are what you eat, if you eat kota you will be a kota too, 

If you eat fat cakes you will be a fat cake too, 

Call me 5 years from now il be a dietician or a health inspector if you just can’t swallow what I write now, 

For more info dial 072……

I started living the life who’s next, 

If you don’t trust me keep your comments I’m the evidence hospital is my second home now.


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